About us

The goal of neopren.bg is to promote good practices in the manufacturing of neoprene products in Europe as well as the use of more eco-friendly materials. We aim to provide more information about neoprene which is one of the most innovative and increasingly popular materials in the world in the world of water sports apparel but also fashion and other diverse industry sectors. In the same time we observe serious lack of knowledge of the specifics of this material and its types and applications depending on the concrete product. Therefore we took on the initiative to create an international information platform, which would provide answers to all kinds of questions related to neoprene.  

Another important goal of our association is to find a solution for extending the life of old neoprene products which many people throw at the garbage. Neoprene is one of the materials with the least collection for recycling or upcycling in other products after the end of its lifecycle and our team has set an important goal to analyze an adequate and long lasting solution to this issue at a European level.

Using our platform, we aim to provide access to educational materials related to neoprene and its applications in the everyday life as well as the options to reuse or recycle it to as many people as possible

Our team offers free consultations via phone, e-mail or personal meetings to everyone who has an interest to learn more about this material. In this way we believe we would increase the awareness of the people and will ensure more adequate and sustainable use of the neoprene and the importance of the prevention of its disposal at landfills and its reuse and recycling. We are trying to reach out to as many people as possible who are interested in neoprene for one reason or another. The final goal is the creation of a European network of companies, NGOs and even state agencies which have something to do with neoprene.