Little known facts about neoprene

Neoprene is a great example of a scientific discovery, aiming to address one need and ending up being used in numerous applications which its inventors would have never imagined. Below you can find some interesting facts about this unique material.

  • Originally planned as an oil-resistant substitute to natural rubber, the latest developments in recent year reinvent the neoprene as material that can be made of plant-based natural rubber
  • Neoprene has some amazing properties such as durability, flexibility, insulation, water and UV resistance
  • The suits that NASA astronauts wear contain neoprene-coating
  • Although most commonly associated with wetsuits and water sports, neoprene has gained international acclaim for being used in the fashion industry. World-renowned brands and designers from Karl Lagerfeld to Alexaner McQueen feature it in their collections.

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